About Fruitzen Delite



Fruitzen Delite--The Fundraising Company was established in 2008, providing all-natural premium frozen drinks to concerts and festivals. While successful in that market, giving back to the community was just as important. That's when we launched our fundraising vision of the company by providing an all natural 8 oz. pre-filled and sealed frozen dessert which we named Frozee. Thinking about the needs of the community, we decided to offer our product and services with no upfront costs whatsoever. This business model later transcended into our iRun 365 peer-to-peer fundraising platform, which includes a pep rally and motivational fun run obstacle course. To date, we've serviced hundreds of schools and non-profits in the South Florida area, and on an average helped raise $20,000 within an organization. Our vision is to be a leading example for hassle-free fundraising while providing a financial vehicle for our community.


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